Graduation Gemologist Program

Diamond & colored stones are the jewelry industry's heart and passion. if you want to work in this glamorous and fashionable world, you need to know the like you know your own name.

GLM Graduate Gemologist program prouides you with the essential skills of any jewelry proffesional how to grade and identify diamonds and colored gemstones. and you can earn GLM Graduate Gemologist Diploma.

You will learn proven techniques from the creators of International diamond grading system. You'll discover exactly how to determine and identify quality and value of gemstones.

Learn the science and technical knowledge you need to deal in the entire spectrum of diamonds and colored stones. Through extensive practice, become efficient at grading diamond accurately and consistently. work with GLM gemological testing equipment to learn how to identify a broad variety of gems, including those considered unusual or challenging.
  • Learn how the 4CS (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight).
  • Learn how the grade diamond in the normal color range.
  • Learn to use gemological equipment designed to help you identify hundreds of gemstones.
  • Learn to detect synthetics and treatments.
  • Learn how to detect fracture filled gemstones.